Magic 8 Ball Time

Alright folks, I haven't updated the ol' blog in a while, so in a pathetic effort to write about something I'm going to ask my Magic 8 Ball a few questions and post the answers I get. It's pathetic because this is the most interesting thing in my life right now.

Here we go:

"Magic 8 Ball, will I win the lottery someday?"
- 'Concentrate and ask again'.
I can't be bothered with concentrating.

"Magic 8 ball, am I the coolest person on Earth?"
- 'You may rely on it'.

"Magic 8 Ball, are you lying to me?"
- 'Signs point to yes'.

"Magic 8 Ball, in 100 years will we have flying cars?"
- 'Don't count on it'.
I knew it. When I was in third grade I read in a magazine that we would have microwaves in our cars' gloveboxes by the year 2000. I waited for that moment with eager anticipation, and now, almost a decade later we have nothing to show for that prediction.

"Magic 8 Ball, will I get an iPhone for Christmas?"
- 'As I see it, yes.'

"Magic 8 Ball, are you lying to me again?"
- 'It is decidedly so'.

"Magic 8 Ball, why do you shatter my hopes and dreams?"
- 'Outlook Good'.

"So my outlook on life is good?"
- 'Outlook not so good'.
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Currently Listening to: Muse: The Resistance

When I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum a while back Best Buy gave me a $10 gift card, so I used it today to pick up the latest Muse album, "The Resistance". It's definitely on par with their other works, though I think "Absolution" remains my favorite of theirs. The songs all pop with that slightly electronic sound that reminds me of robots, along with their signature harmonies. This album is what would happen if Rush's 2112 album got together and had a baby with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and that baby got together with an awesome robot and had a baby. Yes, its truly that good.

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Indie Gaming: Canabalt

So last night during my travels across the internet, I came upon a fantastically addictive browser game called Canabalt. Its a great indie project that was created for the Experimental Gameplay Project's monthly theme, "Bare Minimum". The game was made in less than a week, displays all its graphics in only six colors, and only uses one button to play.
The game is set during an alien invasion, and you play as a businessman making a daring escape from the city, running and leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Its super addicting, and the music is pretty awesome too, a techno track that was also created to fit the minimalist approach.
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Fall Semester, Batman, Mastering Olypmus

Well fall semester has started, and I've been enjoying my classes for the most part so far. My favorite is Intro to Oceanography, which looks like it will be a really easy one. I'm also taking Chemistry, although I couldn't get into a lab so I'm only doing the lecture this semester. It is really interesting but it looks like it will come to some hard work eventually, as memorizing the molecules and stuff might be complicated.

For those of you wondering about the results of my summer precalc class, I'm sorry to say that I did not put enough effort into it and I will have to retake it this semester. The fast pace of summer was something I just couldn't keep up with, and it especially didn't help that I am a huge slacker in the first place.

Classes take up most of my time nowadays but I got my hands on a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum , and I must say that it is one of the best games I've played this year, and its definitely got my vote for game of the year 2009... although I'll wait to cast a final verdict until I've played Dragon Age: Origins (I'm a huge Bioware fan if you didn't know) and The Beatles Rockband (also a HUGE Beatles fan).

An awesome game
Continuing my retro gaming that started with FFVIII (which has unfortunately taken a backseat to Batman at the moment), I've been sinking quite a bit of time into an old favorite: Zeus- Master of Olympus, a city builder from Impressions Games, which is now Tilted Mill. Its your basic city-builder where you conquer the mythical  world of ancient Greece. Its really cool to play now that I've actually been to Greece though, and seen the ruins of some of the cities that I've built in the game.

A picture I took of the ruins of Mycenae

What else has gone on in my life since my last update ages ago... hm, oh yes, I've learned a new song on my acoustic: Norwegian Wood, off of the Beatles' Rubber Soul album. Such a great song.

I'll try to keep this blog updated fairly frequently even though I'm pretty sure that nobody reads it...
Until next time, peace.
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