Dungeons & Dragons

Recently I've had the pleasure of playing in my friend's Dungeons and Dragons game. Its a 10th- level adventure called "Touch of Madness." There is a group of 6 or 7 of us, and we've been able to get together for two sessions so far.

The adventure so far has been cool- it started off with a bang, throwing our characters into a pitched battle against some ferocious Grells (floating, tentacled brain- monsters). My character is a 10th- level Deva Wizard named Tavar Deathgaze. Pretty sweet, I know. Fourth edition is cool, and we were able to make use of the DnD Insider tools to make our characters, but this adventure is the first game of DnD for several people at the table, so I think that starting off at 10th level was not such a great idea. The powers and abilities at first level are still pretty cool. Being at such a high level with so many different abilities and powers and no idea of how to use them has definetly caused the party to move very slowly. In our two sessions we've managed to get through only two encounters. Our party has only now finally come to the Forlorn Tower- the first dungeon in the adventure.

I've got to give props to our DM though. He's got a lot of patience to be able to deal with the group of us. We have a problem of just talking and going off-topic and debating this and that detail of the game. Only one other person and I have experience playing aside from the DM, so we often have to help focus the game. The other experienced player actually pulled me aside and invited me to play another game with other experienced players later this week. It would be fun to join a game like that, even if only for a one-shot.

My core rulebooks for 4E DnD. Oh, what's that? A natural twenty? Yes sir.

This experience of actually playing has given me hope. I started writing a 4th-ed adventure last winter, and now I've given some thought to completing it because I think it might be possible to get a group together and give DM-ing a shot.

We'll see. I also want to finish my NWN mod, which I have been slowly but surely working on piece by piece over the last week or so.

I still have a few more math classes to go, so I need to focus on that for now. Hopefully I get a good enough grade to move on to Calc I in the fall semester.


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