Random Encounter: Blink 182 Concert

So I was sitting at home bored last night when suddenly my phone starts to ring! It's my friend inviting me to a Blink 182 concert since he has an extra ticket. I think for a moment... I'm not a big Blink 182 fan, and the other bands that were opening for them were All-American Rejects and Fallout Boy... which I am really not a fan of... 

Anyways after being assured that we would arrive precisely after Fallout Boy ended and that it was completely free on my part, I decided, eh, what the heck... I might as well go since I'd otherwise be sitting doing nothing in a very lonely fashion.

As we got there it became apparent that everyone else had the same idea we did- that Fallout Boy sucks. I have never seen that many people come in after a concert has been going for an hour already. Anyways our timing was just right, and it turned out that my friend had Pit tickets, so we got to be right up front in the mosh.

It wasn't too bad, and there was even someone in a banana suit.

They played some songs that I recognized from middle school... and the highlight of the night was when the lead singer (I don't know his name... Matt maybe?) drooled on himself and someone next to me screamed, "THAT'S SO METAL!"
Ohhhhh, I laughed!

It was a good show, even if it wasn't my favorite band ever... or really at all... but I had a fun time and got my troubles off my mind, and I guess that's what counts.

Well my girlfriend is coming into town for a few days soon for her fall semester break, so it should be a good weekend.
That's all for today's post! Peace.


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